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When it comes to getting your book DONE, you need a system that holds you accountable, keeps you motivated and delivers results. Candice, Carol, and Anita get the job done every time.

Monique LaRue, author of Cultivate
Critical Connections: 3 Steps for Creating
Genuine Relationships

They debunk the myths and show you
how to market your book
so you earn a
return on your investment.

Lori Shemek, best-selling author of
How to Fight FATflammation

I self-published an Inspirational book in the form of poetry in 2009.  Since then I've had two unfinished manuscripts sitting on my dining room table for several years now. After watching the first video, I now know what I need to do to get back on track.

Author Victoria Woods

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Discover three secret weapons to sell more books, grow your online following, and build visibility using social media to market your book.
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Special guest, The Money Maven, Patrice Washington explains how becoming "author of" can change your life! Plus see how other authors have applied these specific strategies to reach their book publishing goals.
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